The pieces on exhibition here illustrate the sum total of several paths of discovery over many years. My journey has been a “magic carpet ride” over 35+ years. Several sources continue to be the wellspring for my creativity:

  1. A “deconstruction approach” (shards/fragmentation) which was inspired by artist Rick Dillingham from the 1970s era.
  2. My nature treks into the American Southwest with inspiration from broken pot shard by the Native Americans.
  3. My international travels each year, admiring the ancient artifacts of those countries.

The continuous paths of discovery have taken me in several, but related,  directions of the container vessels, the architectural interpretations, and the figure. Each path continues to criss-cross each other, hopefully enriching the imagery year by year.

I hope to convey a sense of mystery and visual power to my viewers.   Ancient cultures with its historical artifacts from many countries layer the imagery, resulting in a multi-cultural composition. This is a reflection of our contemporary life.

From the technical side, my clay pieces are altered wheel-thrown forms, slab to press mold constructions, and fired in multiply ways such as in raku, sawdust, horsehair, low-temperature salt, and oxidation…all of which are in the low temperature range of c/06-c/02.



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